Friday, October 3, 2008

Two of a Kind

I feel as though I have been in a blogging slump lately, mostly due to the fact that all I do is spend time at my computer so it's the last thing I want to do when the day is done. I haven't had a shortage of things to take pictures of though that is for sure. Lexi has found a new favorite spot in the house. She puts her front paws up on a storage cube/end table that we have in front of the window and stares out at the neighbor dogs from there. When she is out in the yard she can usually be found sitting or running along the neighbor dogs fences. Lately she has started whining really loud I guess because she wants to meet her fencemates face-to-face. This window is the perfect view to Hooch (our name for him because he looks just like the dog in the movie Turner & Hooch) and the weiner dogs yards. Lexi must be thinking it is heaven to have such a fantastic view to their yards. Arielle was happy to participate the other day too. The photos are just too cute!
~Momma to Bug~

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i'm tagging you. go to my blog and read up then have fun! meg