Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tonight Arielle was watching an episode of one of her favorite shows, Dora the Explorer. She started explaining to me what was happening on the show and what she said caught me totally off guard (keep in mind that I had not been watching it up until this point). Instead of saying that the ice cream truck was stuck in the DITCH, she used a four letter D-word that ends in "CK". LOL...I feel like I shouldn't even type the word out on this blog site but it's not even that bad! Anyway, after she said that and I figured out what she meant to say, I just simply told her the right word to say but didn't feel the need to let her know that the word she used is not appropriate to say. Then I didn't know whether to laugh about it or not because I'm sure she would have asked me what was so funny!

Kids really say it like they hear it, don't they? Arielle likes to sing songs from her favorite movies and is always saying the wrong word. It's probably a word she never heard before so she confuses it with a word she does know. It just shows how untainted their little minds are at this age.

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