Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling better and dressing up

I am happy to say that Arielle is feeling better after her 48 hour bout with the fever. Apparently it is going around because a co-worker's son was down with the same thing this week. Luckily it wasn't anything worse.
Now that our little Bug is feeling better she is back to doing her favorite things around the house. I think her number one favorite thing to play is Dress Up, like a princess of course! Arielle has more dress ups than I can count and she loves each one of them the same although it is apparent that the Little Mermaid has been loved the most! Sometimes all she needs is a tierra, princess shoes and a wand to transform into a princess. There are time she can be seen wearing two outfits together complete with jewelry and accessories! No matter what her choice of dress up is she looks so beautiful and so girly...I just enjoy seeing her all dressed up! And I can tell how proud she is of herself because she gets a shy but boastful expression on her face where she tucks her chin under her face and looks up at you with a straight smile then slowly closes her eyes. There are no words to describe her proud expression exactly but I know that look and each time I see it I get butterflies in my stomach because I am filled with so much love and endearment for her.

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