Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We all look forward to Wednesdays at our house for one is Show & Tell day at Arielle's school! For the past few months Arielle has enjoyed getting to choose one toy, all by herself, that she can take in her classroom and share it with her friends. Each week she puts a lot of thought into which toy she is going to bring with her. Sometimes she can't decide before we leave the house so she tells me, "I'm just going to bring them both in the car so I can decide later." She must have heard me say that once because it sounds much too grown up for her but it just makes me smile. I have never had to argue with her about only bringing one toy, despite the fact that she tells me her friends, Kayla and Alexa bring two toys. She is very understanding about the rules of show and tell and it just makes her day to hear me say it's Wednesday!

Today for show and tell Arielle chose to bring her newest toy, a small butterfly fairy keychain that Daddy bought for her. What makes this toy special is that it came with a teeny-tiny comb that can be hooked on the keychain. When Arielle told me she wanted to bring the comb in school I told her she needed to keep it attached so she didn't lose it but I thought for sure we would never see it again. Much to my surprise the comb was still attached to it when I picked her up. She makes me so proud!

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