Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flowering Frenzy

I have been wanting to post a blog about my flower garden since the summer began but never got around to it. If I had remembered to take pictures of my garden sooner you would have seen how beautiful the GLADIOLUS were before I had to cut them down because they were leaning so much. There were so many different, magenta, pink, white and peach. The glads are definitely worth every second that I have to dig them up and replant them each year.
I am also really loving the MUMS that I planted last fall and I think they are blooming early this year. I have pink, burgundy, yellow and white mums. Another favorite flower of mine is the WILD COLUMBINE because of it's detail and coloring. When I first planted my columbine it didn't look like it was going to make it and didn't have blooms until a few weeks later. Now it has tripled in size and looks lovely! The CANNAS and CALLA LILY give the garden a tropical touch which is what I like the most about them. The DIANTHIS and CATMINT add a woodsy-cottage feel and are two flowers that every garden should have. One thing that did suprise me this year was that my IRIS bulbs did not bloom in the spring. I had planted some of the same iris in my old garden and they were great bloomers (they still are too and I know this because I drive by the old house just to see them!). Hopefully they will bloom next spring because I missed seeing them in the garden this year. Fortunately I had planted some along the rocks along our back fence and strangely enough, a lot of those ones bloomed.

Arielle loves the garden as much as I do! She has learned only to pick one flower at a time or else mommy won't be so happy with her. She likes to "plant" the flowers that she picks in her pots of dirt or "float" them in a little cup inside the house for display. I really hope that flower gardening is something that she and I can do together as she gets older. It is a great mother-daughter past time.

I hope you enjoyed the pics of my flower garden. Hopefully as the years go by I will be adding more gardens...God knows we have enough room for them in our immense backyard!

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