Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sorting kids and grown-ups

On the fourth of July, I told Arielle that she was going to spend the day with grandma while Daddy and I hung out on the boat with our friends. I said their kids were also going to be with their grandma so it would just be grown-ups on the boat. Her response was, "Oh, it's like sorting the kids and the grown-ups." I thought that was a smart way of describing it! Although Arielle was very upset that she wasn't going out on the boat, she was very happy to spend a whole day and night with grandma. Zak and I ended up having a very nice relaxing day at Boulder Res on the boat and I even got up on the wakeboard a couple of times. I didn't go anywhere but down after I got up but at least I tried. As for Arielle's day, she got to stay up late to watch fireworks from grandma's deck despite the fact that she hadn't had a nap. As you can imagine she was very tired the next day and for pretty much the entire rest of the weekend.

Today we went our friend's BBQ and this time there was no sorting! Arielle got to play with her little friend, Ella. They had a lot of fun with the bubble grilling machine that Jen brought over.

Arielle even got to feed our friend's horse and pony which was the highlight of her day...

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