Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Words and their meanings

Arielle came up with yet another funny line for the blog and I couldn't wait to post it. She was playing with a new toy from the garage sales and asked me to open it. Well, it was easier said than done and after I finally figured out how to do it she said, "I'll leave it open, Mom, so you don't have a heart attack when you have to open it again!" After I giggled on the inside and smiled, I told her that it would not give me a heart attack to open it again, it would just be hard to open. Then she asked me what is a heart attack.

This is a new phase for her, asking me what something means. It makes her sound so grown up to ask such sensible questions. I am doing my best to explain the meaning of words to her but it's not always easy. One of the words she asked for the meaning of was "later". This made me realize that just because she speaks so well doesn't mean she actual knows the meaning of what she is saying. I guess she has been pretending to understand me for the past two years and now she really wants to know what all of these words are that she has been repeating. Who knows but she sure is growing up so fast.

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