Thursday, April 3, 2008

I feel the winds of change a' blowing

Turns out that to say that change is difficult for Arielle is an UNDERSTATEMENT. She was absolutely miserable from the second I picked her up from school yesterday. It started with her shoving two of her little friends out of the way to get to me. When I asked her to apologize she refused over and over again and never did end up apologizing to them. In the car, Arielle cried and whined for various things that she knew I could not get for her or do for her because I was we were in the car and I was driving. Finally, we got home and a total meltdown occurred. She was mad that Daddy beat us home and told me she didn't like him (this has been going on for a few weeks now and deserves it's own blog). Within a minute she told me she was tired and hungry and wanted to eat dino nuggets, yogurt, candy, strawberries, juice and milk. What was I to do? I couldn't possibly get it all for her so I quickly cooked the nuggets. By the time they were ready a minute later she moved on to wanted to do play-doh and obviously freaked out when I told her she couldn't play until she ate her nuggets. Next we tried the "Daddy's going to eat your food" tactic to get her to eat but that just made her extremely angry...not hungry! At this point I picked her up and just decided to console her with rocking and shushing in a manner similar to how you calm down a baby only it was a little akward seeing how big she is. I took her upstairs and let her cry it out. After she calmed down we went downstairs and tried to start the evening all over again. It worked out much better the second time around but still hovered over us all night until finally she slept.
Blogging about this seems to be the only control I have over the situation which is probably why I get so frustrated. Relinquishing control to a two/three year old has been difficult to surpass but it is much needed at times. Let's just hope and pray that today is a different story to blog about tomorrow...

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