Friday, April 11, 2008

Unbelievable Sadness

I debated about whether I should share these links with anyone else due to the act that this tragic story of Ava has stuck in my mind for the past couple of days and has brought such sadness to me. At the same time though, it has also brought a new perspective on the order of things in my life and how I should change my perspective to pay more attention to the things that are most important. Further, there is a BIG lesson to be learned by reading this story about Ava's accident and that is to teach your children how to save themselves if they ever find themselves in this situation (God forbid). I have already taught Arielle how to honk the horn and a few additional things. Please be prepared with a box of tissues and loved one to hug before you read on...

Ava's Memorial Website -

Ava's Mommy's Blog (Sheye Rosemeyer take the most beautiful photography and has the most creative writing) -

God bless all of your families today, tomorrow and forever!

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