Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jibberish and other tidbits

Recently, Arielle has seemed to develop a language all her own...we'll just call it jibberish because you can't make sense of anything she says! It's pretty creepy to hear these "words" coming out of her mouth and she says them all with such confidence but at the same time she is trying not to laugh. It can be embarrassing especially when we are around people who do not know her because if you do know her you know how well she actually speaks.

On Monday when Arielle woke up she didn't ask me if she had to go to school like she usually does (when I answer yes she proceeds to cry and tell me she doesn't like school). On this particular morning she just got dressed and cooperated with all of my requests as if she actually WANTED to go to school. It was a very nice start to the day. Hopefully this isn't just a one time thing. I really think that me staying home on Zak's half days for the past week and a half is contributing to her new attitude towards school and just how well she is behaving and listening lately.

Her imagination has been very hard at work as usual. She loves to pretend to be different pricesses and other characters from movies and shows. Just this morning she was wearing her Mermaid dress and asked me if she had Jasmine clothes. Strangely enough, I had ordered a Jasmine costume months ago and had not yet given it to her. Boy did this make her happy and I was happy that she was happy :-)

Lately, Arielle has been using the bathroom right after she wakes up and before she comes into our room! You wouldn't think it but this has been a much needed change in our lives. We have had many morning battles about how we need to use the potty right when we wake up. Try explaining that one to a two year old!

Finally, Arielle has developed a new way of reasoning with me to get me to change my mind when I say no and this has been actually quite humorous. For instance, she asked me for a snack right after we left the house yesterday morning. I don't usually bring snacks with me in the morning unless she asks for one before we leave so I didn't have any. She started crying right away and I tried to calm her down by saying that we would get crackers at school (they keep a basket of them to help yourself). She told me that she didn't like those crackers anymore then proceeded to cry and whine for a snack. Of course right when we got to school she helped herself to the crackers that she no longer liked!

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