Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three Books

I was so proud of Arielle tonight because she actually understood subtraction. While picking her three books out for bedtime she asked for a book that I had taken out of her room and moved downstairs (wouldn't you know it). While I ran downstairs to find it, Zak read her one of the other stories she picked out. When I came back upstairs after Zak had finished reading the first book, Arielle became confused and started to pick one more book out because there were only two sitting in front of her. Zak and I both reminded her that we had already read one so there were two left. She got it and didn't even argue with us or cry for another book! I couldn't believe how it was as if she totally understood us in math terms!

I loved listening to Arielle's stories about school today after I picked her up! She was full of stories about what they did today. Her best friend Cayla even spoke to me when I picked Arielle up. She told me, "Don't forget Arielle's Jasmine!" Today was show and tell so Cayla was reminding me to take Arielle's toy home. Another one of her friends, Alexa, who came to her birthday party saw me and got a very big smile on her face! It was so cute!

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