Thursday, April 17, 2008

The saga of the Lion Cup continues....

Alas, our dear puppy got a hold of the infamous Lion Cup yesterday and chewed the cap to it. I think I saw a tear forming in Arielle's eye when I broke the news to her. We don't know if Lexi got the cup off the table or if Arielle left it on the floor but this was a lesson for all of us. ***Keep all valuable possessions out of puppy height range***This is hard for Arielle to do because she and Lexi are the same size! They are becoming the best of friends despite Lexi's desire to chew on Arielle and all of her belongings. I can't help but think of what the next casualty will be...hopefully nothing that is expensive to replace but if it is you will hear about it!

Oh and you should know that we decided to keep the Lion Cup and use it like a "big girl cup" at the dinner table with a straw.

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